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Our aspiration is to inspire our customer with quality at attractive prices. That is why our mini kitchens are real SPACE WONDER. We install all kitchen appliances that a modern and FUNCTIONAL kitchen needs in the smallest of usable areas without wasting unnecessary space.

The mini kitchen PREMIUMLINE leaves nothing to be desired with its 90-170 cm width. Through a considered construction there is room – next to a refrigerator- for a microwave, oven or a dishwasher. Topped off with trendy colours and a lot of storage place making cooking really enjoyable!

available widths possible built-in devices properties PREMIUMLINE
-100 cm
-110 cm
-120 cm
-150 cm
-160 cm
-170 cm
-180 cm
-cooking plate ceramic
-plates cooking plate induction
-microwave /oven combination
-with cooking plate induction available
-cooking plate with Touch controll
-dishwasher available
-microwave /oven combination available
-drawers with softclose

deliverable colours



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